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The Theater Lab Membership

Performances and Special Events -
Summer 2022

The Theater Lab (D214 Community Education’s own Community Theater) is always seeking new members to join our ranks and help us continue to build a community of people who want to be a part of the creative process of live theater and performing arts. Our goal is to create a fun and supportive atmosphere that allows everyone the opportunity to learn and grow from each other. The Theater Lab is open to anyone age 13 and up regardless of experience: Novices, amateurs, professionals, high school students, college students, seniors, retirees, singles, moms and dads. No matter who you are or your level of experience, there’s a place for you in our family!

The Theater Lab Membership

Members set their own level of time commitment and are encouraged to be involved as much as they are able in whatever way is most comfortable. Opportunity arises from involvement, and the most involved members will enjoy the greatest benefit. Members will be part of the cast, crew, production staff, marketing, front-of-house staff and, of course, the audience. All performances, rehearsals and meetings are held at the Forest View Educational Center. We produce two productions per year.

Membership dues are just $30 a year, so if all you do is come to the performances using your member comp ticket, it pays for itself. 


$ 30.00
Per Year