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Individual Percussion Lessons - Simon

Individual Music Lessons -
Fall 2022

Individual music lessons are an essential part of any musician's growth. Offering instruction on a wide variety of instruments, our program features over 30 of the best private lesson instructors the Chicago area has to offer. Lessons are offered at all six high schools during the school day for district students and weekdays after school for non-district students and adults.

New students must contact us first for a consultation and to schedule a trial lesson. Only returning students may register for lessons online. For an Individual Lesson consultation or to register for a (paid) trial lesson, call us at 847-718-7700 or email us at

Scott Simon teaches students at Prospect High School.

Scott Simon

Scott has taught in this district for seven years as private lesson instructor and for the marching band. He also teaches with the Cavaliers drum and bugle and has over 15 years experience as a member and instructor. As a performer, he has been active in the musical theatre scene in the Chicago area playing in orchestra pits.


  Scott Simon