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Shotokan Karate

Adult Enrichment / Fitness & Athletics -
Fall 2022

Shotokan Karate is a Japanese martial arts system developed as a means of strengthening the mind, body and spirit. Karate training is structured to provide all around strength, coordination and agility for the body along with improving mental discipline and focus. Karate has something for everyone including physical fitness, self-defense, the excitement of sport and personal enrichment. No special equipment or abilities are required.

Gary Koelbel

Gary Koelbel attended a local high school and has a degree from Southern Illinois University. He has a 5th degree black belt (Godan) in Shotokan Karate and a 1st degree balck belt in Budo Tai Jutsu. In addition to Shotokan Karate, Gary also teaches self defense and kickboxing. He has studied martial arts since 1985 and Shotokan Karate since 1990 and has been with Community Education since 1995. Gary’s story began when he made an acquaintance who he later found to be a martial arts instructor and he encouraged Gary to try a class.

Shotokan Karate is not just about self-defense and fighting competitively, but more about a person's physical, mental and spiritual development. The exercises promote movement and awareness of the whole body. The individual can progress at their own rate to reach the prescribed levels of advancement. Coming to classes consistently and training without any special equipment allows most ages and lifestyles to participate. The depth of art allows everyone to choose to keep learning even over a lifetime. 


  Gary Koelbel

Forest View Educational Center : D102 (Cafeteria)
Wednesdays, Sep 14 - Dec 21
6:30 - 8:00 PM

  No Class Oct 5 & Nov 23


Min Age   13 yr.

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