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Pretty Woman: The Musical at CIBC Theatre

Community Education Travel -
CET 2024

On its first national tour at the CIBC Theatre, “Pretty Woman: The Musical” is based on one of Hollywood's most beloved stories of all time! The musical stars Broadway superstar and Tony Award nominee Adam Pascal as Edward, a ruthless and driven business tycoon specializing in taking over businesses and then selling them off. During a trip to LA, and without a partner for a series of schmaltzy functions, he hires an escort: Vivian, a lady of the night who goes about her work with a clinical detachment. As their week together progresses, this usually isolated couple find themselves utterly comfortable in each other's company and discover that they might just be falling for each other. Can this blossoming romance turn both of their lives around? The show combines a heartwarming love story and a modern twist on a fairy tale, and is highlighted by a toe-tapping score and a pair of outstanding actors! Lunch is included before the show at the fantastic Grand Lux Café on Michigan Avenue.

61022-0124 Closed
Forest View Educational Center : CET Departure Zone, North Parking Lot A
Wednesday, Mar 13
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Price: $ 199 00

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