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  • Paul De Los Reyes (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Core Aquatics Swim Team

    Core Aquatics is a competitive swim team for swimmers ages 6 years old through high school. We believe in starting from the foundation and focusing on stroke proficiency while incorporating all racing aspects. The team centers on maximizing efficiency as the foundation to competitive racing and building speed through technique precision. We plan on attending two swim meets this summer, meet details are still TBD. Please note: All swim team members must also be members of USA Swimming. Membership applications will be provided by Core Aquatics, there is an $83 per year additional fee for the annual membership. Payment may be made online by enrolling in the class section called "USA Swimming Membership Fee". Orange squad: This is the first introduction to swim team and racing. Proper mechanics are required with an emphasis on racing and competing. Open to graduates from our Swim Team Prep program or swimmers who can demonstrate ability to swim all 4 competitive strokes as well as show confidence diving from blocks. Primarily a 7-8 year old age group. Choose to attend 3 of the 4 practices offered per week. Blue squad: The Blue Squad focuses on stroke technique and endurance as key aspects for advancing all four competitive strokes. Open to former Core Aquatics Orange Squad members or swimmers who can demonstrate an ability to legally swim all four competitive strokes for 50+ yards, including proper turns and diving off the blocks. Primarily a 9-10 year old age group. Choose to attend 4 of the 5 practices offered per week. Silver squad: The Silver Squad features continued race training and development of advanced swim techniques for Junior High aged and advanced younger swimmers. Open to former Core Aquatics Blue Squad members or swimmers who can demonstrate an ability to legally swim all four competitive strokes for 100+ yards, including proper turns and diving off the blocks. Must be able to swim 1000+ yards of freestyle nonstop. Primarily an 11-12 year old age group. Choose to attend 4 of the 5 practices offered per week. Navy squad: The elite Navy Squad is for senior level and advanced swimmers training for success at the high school level and beyond. This level is based on invitation only from the Head Coach and requires additional commitment to training and dryland opportunities. Open to former Core Aquatics Silver members or swimmers who have experience swimming on their high school varsity team. Must commit to 90% practice attendance per week, on time arrival for all practices, and commitment to train at a high level for the duration of the season. Choose to attend 5 of the 6 practices offered per week.
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    Core Aquatics Swimming - Learn 2 Swim

    This class focuses on water adjustment, floating, and breathing all while building water confidence in younger swimmers. Each swimmer will progress through our robust curriculum individualized to their own skill level. Skills learned will include: developing comfort with water on their face and submersion, moving through the water on their own, rising and floating on both their fronts and backs and eventually incorporating kicking and movement, introduction to breathing techniques including maintaining the float position while breathing, mastering strong propulsion for recreation and pre-competitive swimming, basic water safety and the dos/don’ts of recreational swim. Please visit the Aquatics page on our website for a detailed program curriculum.
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    Core Aquatics Water Polo

    Our Core Aquatics Water Polo summer season is focused on developing newcomers as well as more seasoned players who want to gain knowledge, technique, and skills. Coaches will divide players up based on age and skill level groupings while using drills and practice routines aligned with the best practices to help prepare athletes for success. Age Groups will play games during regularly scheduled practice times. High School Groups will play American Water Polo (AWP) league games on Wednesday evenings in lieu of Wednesday morning practices. Final summer game schedule has not yet been determined. Please note that all players must pay a $50.00 yearly membership fee through the American Water Polo website,, in order to participate in AWP games.