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    Marco Verch Professional Photographer (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    15 Minute Medicare

    Join us for one or all of our quick-hit Medicare Zoom meetups. Featuring a 15-minute presentation followed by a 15-minute Q&A session, all meetings are free of charge, but a donation is appreciated. June: Medicare Coverage of Skilled Nursing Facility Care: This MEDICARE MINUTES discussion will cover Medicare covered skilled care, your rights and protections, and where you can get help with your questions. July: Your Guide to Choose a Nursing Home or Other Long Term Services & Supports: This MEDICARE MINUTES discussion will review detailed information on choosing a nursing home, as well as cost & coverage August: 4 Programs that can help you pay your Medical Expenses: This MEDICARE MINUTES discussion will cover the federal and state programs for people with limited income and resources.
  • Combating Negative Thinking

    Learn about the common patterns of negative thinking that contribute to depression and anxiety and how to work on being “unstuck” in these stubborn thought patterns. We’ll discuss how to identify these negative patterns and explore methods of redirecting these problematic thoughts.
  • Date Night- Couples Connecting through Candles

    You will remember why you fell in love during our Connecting through Candles Date Night. Each couple will take home one 8 oz. Love Affirmation candle, which has a soy and coconut blended wax with a mix of lavender and patchouli essential oils. There will also be the option to add in flower petals and/or herbs. There will be different love affirmations to choose from to intend into the candle you get to bring home. Candles will need to cool overnight.
  • Date Night- Mindful Communication for Couples

    As the saying goes “communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship.” Communication has the power to bring partners closer together or push them away from one another. Frequent challenges when discussing important issues can lead to feelings of anxiety, disappointment, resentment, decreased trust, and sometimes a lack of desire to share parts of yourself with your partner. Mindful communication is rooted in being intentional about how you express your thoughts, feelings, and needs with your partner. This session will provide some practical strategies to use in your relationships to increase maintain an emotional connection with your partner. Incorporating greater awareness of mindful communication can make the process of repairing and resolving relationship differences less challenging, and help orient the relationship toward a stronger connection and a more satisfying relationship.
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    Eat More While Losing More

    This program will provide participants with a research-based approach to successful weight loss beginning with research studies verifying what diets/approaches long term loss. Forget about calorie counting, portion control and restrictive diets. Research has shown the way to long term weight loss involves focusing on WHAT and WHEN we're eating not HOW MUCH. This class will clarify why old approaches such as cutting calories and exercising off excess pounds fail and why new research-proven strategies can work to get you in bathing suit shape. Participants will be able to - define the term ""Calorie Density"" and explain why and how this approach leads to successful weight management - define and clarify how hyperpalatable foods can lead to weight gain - list steps they can incorporate in their own lives to transition to more whole food, plant-based foods.
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    Growing and Using Mushrooms

    Like mushrooms? Ever thought about growing your own? This class will show you how to grow your very own mushroom harvest. It will also show you how to preserve your mushroom harvest and how to make the most of these culinary treasures.
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    Home Cheesemaking

    Learn the techniques for making your own cheese. We'll cover the science behind cheese making, ingredients, equipment, and cooking techniques. Lemon cheese will be demoed the first night and students will make mozzarella the second night of class. Supplies will be reviewed in class the first night.
  • Mark Moz (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Home Equity and Retirement Planning

    For many retirees their home is their biggest asset. Learn how you can access the equity in your home to make it part of your retirement plan. We will discuss home equity loans and reverse mortgages and describe the pros and cons of each.
  • How to Buy a Second Home or Retirement Property

    Ready to spend some time in the sunshine on the beach or on the ski slopes? Learn the best way to purchase your second home or vacation property in this course. Discussion will include learning to make owning your second/retirement home a reality. During the class, we will also go over the minimum down payments, credit requirements, affordability and the underwriting criteria needed for your purchase. This is not a class on buying or renting a timeshare.
  • Intro to Needlepoint

    Explore a relaxing new craft, no experience necessary! Learn techniques for starting/stopping a thread and 12 go-to stitches. Instructor will share tips, tricks and tools. Students to bring embroidery/small sewing scissors and note taking materials to class. A 10” x 10” piece of 13 count canvas mounted on stretcher bars will be provided to all students the first night of class. * A materials fee of $12 is due to the instructor at the first class.
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    Make Your Own Bath Bombs

    Learn how to make creatively shaped and uniquely scented bath bombs that are made with natural ingredients. First, find out about the utensils and basic ingredients you will need and most likely already have at home. Receive a unique recipe, so you can refer to it whenever you want to make more! Along the way, be introduced to special techniques and tips and tricks for making bath bombs.
  • Making Herb Gardens in Small Spaces

    Want to learn the basics of gardening? Interested in starting small and getting practical experience? Creating a wagon wheel garden at the Forest View Garden Plots. Participate in the creation, harvesting and care of the garden, while learning gardening techniques and what to do with garden surplus. This series of classes is designed to help both beginner and intermediate gardeners to learn and perfect the art of gardening in a practical hands-on way. Participants will be asked to bring a chair and gardening gloves, as well as dress for the outdoors (rain or shine) for each session. All programs are held on Tuesdays at the Forest View Education Center Community Garden area. In series 1: Plan, prepare and plant the wheel. Discussing plant selection, design tips and planting needs and technique. Participants will get their hands dirty and learn ways to use fertilizer and compost to enhance performance, as well as companion planting and spacing techniques. Bring a pair of gloves and a gardening hand shovel. We will also discuss container and patio gardens. In series 2: Begin caring for and harvesting the garden. Learning how to use the fruits of our labor. So, if you have some clippers bring those along with your gloves and we will harvest from the garden to make a few items to preserve those fresh flavors. Participants will learn to make vinegar and craft flavored salts and sugars, butters and more. In series 3: Continue harvesting in the height of the season, learn and try out drying techniques and try a few easy recipes with our surplus. Learn to make refrigerator pickles to take home and try some quick cooking ideas. We will determine if our companion planting strategy was successful and make and sample some hot and iced tea. Bring clipper or scissors and a pair of gardening gloves. In series 4: Change to bulk harvesting and preserving the items that have grown. Participants will learn preservation techniques, like simple pickling, compound butters to freeze, and vinegar infusion. We will also learn how to put an herb garden to bed at the end of the season. Bring your gardening gloves and a paper bag to bring home some herbs. For a great savings, register for the full series!
  • Making the Most of your Herbal Bounty

    Your garden has produced a bumper crop of herbs. What are you going to do with all of them? Mark Lyons, an experienced garden coach, will show you how to harvest and store your herbal treasures as well as how to use them to prepare butters, vinegars, oils, teas, potpourri, sachets, and other herbal delights.
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    Meet the New Meats: Plant-based Meat is Going Mainstream

    Wondering about the growing popularity of plant-based alternatives to meat, questioning if they are healthy and how to rate the many products now available? Joan Davis, nurse and nutrition expert will help you sort out the bewildering options appearing at restaurants and on supermarket shelves . Learn what you need to know about this new trend and how it relates the present pandemic. While she can't share samples, she will review the pros and cons of specific products like Impossible Burgers and Beyond Meat and others.
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    Mindful Fundamentals

    This multi-week course offers close study in a variety of mindfulness-based topics, including basic practices like the body scan and sitting meditation, as well as walking meditation, gentle stretching, and mindful communication. The physiology of the stress response is examined, especially in relation to the ways mindfulness practice enables individuals to become aware of and mediate their reactions to stressful situations. By the end of class, participants will feel prepared to practically integrate a variety of mindfulness practices into their daily lives, thanks to both in-class instruction and resources for continuing study to which they will be directed.
  • Paint Pouring

    This class will go into depth with paint mixing, different pouring mediums and a variety of paint pouring techniques. Most supplies should be purchased after the first class. We will go over the different material choices available for you to use for your artwork. This is a MESSY FUN class! Please come dressed appropriately in comfortable clothes you aren't afraid to get dirty.
  • Peach Pecan Crisp

    Remember the smell of Grandma’s kitchen when she bakes her famous crisp? It’s no secret anymore, you’ll learn how to make this amazing Peach Pecan Crisp with buttery crumble toppings and pecan crunch.
  • Pesto Heirloom Tomato Galette

    It’s not only an easy recipe, but the combination of fresh flavors will make your tastebuds jump for joy. Serve this Pesto Heirloom Tomato Galette and the crowd will go wild.
  • Retirement: Making Your Money Last

    Have you retired recently? Are you planning to retire soon? This presentation discusses ideas to help build a reasonable and sustainable strategy for managing income and expenses during retirement. We explore how to address key concerns such as inflation, health care expenses and market volatility as well as ways to prepare for things that may not go as expected.
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    Save It To the Cloud

    Learn how to back up your documents, music and photos to online cloud solutions, many of which are cheap or free. We’ll also show the basics of onsite backup and the 3-2-1 backup strategy. Useful for safety and sharing!
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    Small Group Personal Training

    This class offers the benefits of a certified national trainer without the high cost. A trainer will take a small group though a personalized workout program. Each class will focus on cardio and strength interval training, using free weights, weight machines, medicine balls, kettle balls and more. Join us for a high-calorie-burning, strength-building, personalized workout!
  • Soap Making - Shining Soaps

    Join us to make and design your very own bar of soap using a hemp based, detergent free soap, all natural essential oils of lemon and lavender, and all natural stone pigmented mica powder for coloring, if you choose. There will be different molds, colors and paint brushes for you to choose from and you will take home your bar of soap with you.
  • Starting Soon
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    Tai Chi - Advanced

    Tai Chi (Taiji) is an ancient Chinese exercise with numerous health benefits. As a martial art, Tai Chi downplays brute strength and emphasizes learning motor skills and nurturing the body. The mindful movements promote stress relief and relaxation. Physically, this practice is a low-impact exercise that will foster balance, coordination and flexibility while exploring martial intentions.
  • Kristoffer Trolle (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Tai Chi - Beginning

    Tai Chi (Taiji) is an ancient Chinese exercise with numerous health benefits. As a martial art, Tai Chi downplays brute strength and emphasizes learning motor skills and nurturing the body. The mindful movements promote stress relief and relaxation. Physically, this practice is a low-impact exercise that will foster balance, coordination and flexibility while exploring martial intentions.